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We founded the Danish children’s wear label, MINI A TURE Copenhagen, in 2002. Our dream and ambition is to create a true fashion brand for children. A brand that children want to wear themselves. A brand that is fashion forward yet wearable. And a brand that never compromises on the quality of the products.

We believe children should be free, confident and happy. Free to be who they are and to speak up — for themselves and others. Free to move and to playfully embrace the world with an open mind. All children should feel accepted and be encouraged to believe in themselves. Small is Free.

We are inspired by the imagination of children. Their sense of creativity and the curiosity they possess. How they create surprising universes and tell quirky stories that do not always make sense.

We advocate well-dressed children expressing themselves stylishly on their own terms. We do not compromise on either fashion-edge or freedom to move. The small details truly matter — adding sophistication and quality. Small is Cool.

Born in Scandinavia we know that the contrasts of the elements demand courage and the right clothes for the season. From magic summer days of endless light and warmth to cold, clear winters of cuddling darkness — our children should be dressed for taking on the world. Small is Adventurous.

In MINI A TURE quality is key; both in terms of our products and the services we engage in with our business partners. Our suppliers and manufacturers have been carefully selected for their commitment to quality and workmanship, together with their promise to provide safe and healthy working conditions for their employees.

Our dream of creating a true fashion brand for children has come true. Our collections are sold in larger cities around the world. We dress girls and boys – from babies to 12-year-olds. For all occasions and seasons. With attitude, good taste and ease.

We cherish the childhood memories. The scraped knee, the tree house smell, the sense of snowflakes melting on your tongue. Small is Imaginative.


Our production is placed around the world and all of our suppliers are BSCI certified ensuring worker’s labour conditions through a common Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct encompasses principles such as the rights of freedom of association and collective bargaining, no child labour, and fair remuneration. Read more about the certification here:

Fur Most of our winter jackets and snowsuits come with and without fur, which can be easily removed with zip closure. All fur comes from Finnish raccoon, shot in nature only to cull the population of this species as it can continue to live in harmony with other species in the area. Therefor they are not shot for us to use their fur this is called Wildlife Preservation Certification. We can track every single used fur. It is a very important factor for MINI A TURE maintaining a global environment treating animals ethically and humanely. MINI A TURE has a certificate on all the furs (Wildlife certification on fur).

No harmful additives, MINI A TURE outerwear contain NO harmful additives nor perfluorinated substances. Our technical outerwear has an inner coating, which makes the material water- and windproof, and breathable at the same time. The outer has a unique heating treatment, which makes the material dirt-repelling.

Materials for our waterproofs are produced under Oeko-Tex standard.

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