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Since December 2012, the Danish shoe brand EN FANT has been a part of UTOFT KIDS GROUP A/S. Back then, the brand consisted of footwear for children in size 18-38. At spring 2015, EN FANT launched a clothing collection under the same name. The clothing collection is available in size 62-128.


Both the shoe and clothing collections are built up around a classic color spectra and a strong visual expression. To support the DNA of EN FANT, we created “The Enfanted World”. A world filled with little animals who enchant you with all their stories from a time where only your imagination was the limit. Here, whales can fly, hares can ride a bike and skunks live in tree houses. You will experience the good, the bad, the obvious and the hidden. The animals will cast a spell on you that brings back memories from a lost time.


Our feet are the foundation of our body and it is our job to protect and take care of them throughout life. A foot is created out of 26 bones which in children’s feet mainly consist of cartilage.

While growing up, our feet take shape after what we wear and our choice in shoes is therefore vital. At EN FANT we want to support your choice by creating shoes that give your feet the comfort they need to walk through life. Almost every product in the EN FANT collections is formed with TPR soles. TPR soles have an absorbing effect and unlike other sole types they are very flexible and light weighted. To us it is important that the shoes you wear are as light weighted as possible as it gives a higher level of comfort while walking, running and playing.

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